New Beginnings


The beginning of school is always a very exciting time for students, teachers and staff. New ideas, new teachable moments, new students all create opportunities for new learning in a different, meaningful and exciting way.

Here is some helpful tips to see you through the beginning and onward:

  1.  Focus on the kids.  School is all about the kids  The kids need time to adjust to the schedule, the norms that govern your classroom, each other and you.  They are also coming off of summer, so they may be sleepy or scared.   Let them make choices and have time to share.  Remember that teaching is about the kids and though teachers are extremely important, it is even more important to remember why we are in this profession.
  2. Don’t talk too much.  After a short time, kids tune us out.  Letting them talk and share will help.
  3. Have the kids make something you can put up on the wall right away.  The kids want to feel comfortable in their classroom.  I always filled my walls with their work.  Even my word wall was their work.

A note about technology:  Nothing you do is ever about the technology.  It is about the content and the curriculum you want your students to learn.  Instead of thinking how will I integrate a lesson using technology into my day, think, how can I make this content more engaging for my students?  How can I give them a choice in how they are learning? Not everything is going to be done on a computer, and in fact, some things are not appropriate to be done on a computer, but you can always make it an option.  BLEND is another way students can get to content you want them to learn and understand anytime, anyplace.  Face-to-face time is critical too.  BLEND is about collaboration, communicating, critical thinking, among others.

Your technology design coaches are ready to assist you in your journey.

I wish you the very best school year.


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