1:1 Initiative

Today’s Contributor: Sean Conness

Sean Conness is a Technology Support Specialist at Webb Middle School. He holds a B.A. from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Last year Webb MS was able to go to a 1:1 program where every student had the opportunity to be assigned a laptop for the school year. This type of program has many benefits over checking out classroom carts and increases access to educational materials inside and outside the classroom.

Inside the classroom a 1:1 program saves instructional and learning time. All students in the class can take out their device when needed instead of having to go to a cart. Also the students already have a local account created on their device if it has a Windows operating system allowing for a quick login. Teachers no longer have to reserve and check out a cart, which makes this learning tool available to students whenever it is needed. For example In the past a English language learner would not always have a device in class, but now if they need a word or text translated they have a tool on hand to do that for themselves.

A 1:1 program gives students access to learning outside the classroom environment. An example of this is our experience with myOn. The district provided schools with myOn subscriptions, which gave our students access to thousands of ebooks. This is a very exciting development as Webb already had a high circulation rate in our library. Data showed that our students were also starting to utilize the ebooks available at a high rate. Through my own personal observations I also saw students starting to read ebooks on their laptops before school and during lunch.

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  1. I love the excitement that 1:1 provides to the students, but even more, I really love the feeling of “normal” tech usage that gets established after a few weeks of going 1:1. Your example of seeing students reading online books through MyON in their free time is an exciting new “normal” behavior!

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