BLEND Spotlight: Ngoc Tram Le

BLEND Spotlight is a series of posts highlighting teachers across Austin ISD who are innovating and trailblazing with BLEND, the district’s new digital learning space. 


msleNgoc Tram Le teaches math at Lanier High School. 

Describe how you are using BLEND in your classroom.

I use BLEND from my bell work to the group work to the discussions and the quizzes in every one of my classes.

What is your favorite thing about BLEND? Why?

The students have control over their grades.  They know they have submitted the work with certainty.  No more misplaced papers!  No more carrying big notebooks of hard copies of student work!  Last year, I had to carry three backpacks full of student work.  This year….NOTHING except my laptop and a small backpack!

What impact have you seen on the students?

I feel that this year our students are very responsible for their own futures. They can see missing assignments without us having to remind them.  They have more power to pull up work, do it on their own, and then upload their files.

What tips would you offer to other teachers starting to blend learning and use BLEND in their classrooms?

Start small.  Pick one assignment or one quiz per week. Don’t try to do all of your coursework in BLEND right away.

Le Screenshot


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