GoGuardian – How To

Today’s Contributor: Kelsey Bach

Kelsey Bach is a science teacher and CIC at Travis Early College High School.

GoGuardian is a tool that allows you, as a teacher, to set restrictions on what websites students can visit while they are in your classroom. It also lets you see what students are working on while on their computers. I’ve been using it in all of my classes and find great value in it! GoGuardian has been purchased by the district for all high school teachers to use; see your Tech Design Coach for more information on getting access. Below is a short set of instructions to get started using GoGuardian!

4 Easy Steps

  1. Setting up your Classrooms in GoGuardian
  2. Creating Scenes
  3. Adding students with Enroll Codes
  4. Starting a session in class


Setting up your Classrooms in GoGuardian

The first step is to add a classroom. Simply click on “+ Add Classroom”


Name the classroom and give it a short description if you want to.


After you add a class, GoGuardian will ask you if you want to set up a schedule. I chose to skip this step since we have block scheduling, late starts, and different A/B days on Friday.

The next pop up will be to add students. There are 3 ways to add students. I chose to add students by an Enroll Code. To do this I had to wait until the students were in my classroom, so I clicked the “X” and moved on to make my other classes. I will come back to this at the end of the blog.


You will need to add a class for each of your sections. See example below.


Creating Scenes

After you have all your classes added, you will want to make some “Scenes.” Scenes are how you restrict what students can access when they are on their computers. Simply click “Scenes” on the same page that shows all your classes.


It will take you to a page that you can add a scene by clicking “+ Add Scene”


There are two mode for scenes. One is Allow Mode (below in green). This allows all websites except for ones you add an Exception to. I have made a scene that doesn’t allow Facebook and SoundCloud below. You do this by copying a URL to the exception and then clicking add. You can always add more exceptions by editing a saved scene.


The other mode is Block Mode (below in red). This blocks everything except the URLs that you choose as exceptions. The example below is my Assessment Mode. This scene blocks everything except for BLEND and the Portal.


There are more settings on scenes that you can use. You can automatically have GoGuardian open a tab or limit the number of tabs that each student has opened.


Adding students with Enroll Codes

Students must be in your class with their chromebooks to add them by an enrollment code. After choosing what class you want to add students to, click on the “Students” heading.  Click on the green “Add Students” button and choose Enroll code. This gives students directions and the code. I just projected this on my screen and had students add the class. It does take a few minutes for it to connect to the students’ chromebook.


Starting a session in class

When you start a session it means that you are applying one of your premade scenes to the class that is in your classroom.

After choosing a class, click on the “Sessions” title (make sure you have already added students to your class). This is where you start a session that you have already created. You simply select the time you want to run the session and what session you want to use on this page. WARNING: if you set your session to go too long and don’t end it manually the settings will continue on those students’ computers even if they are in another class or at home.


After starting a session you will be able to see the students’ screens on GoGuardian.

I hope this how-to helped you set up your GoGuardian. GoGuardian also has videos on its website and YouTube that show more functions of this amazing tool.

 Editor’s Note: GoGuardian is a program that high school teachers in AISD can use to manage the chromebooks that students receive as part of the Everyone:1 Program. Contact your Technology Design Coach to learn more. 


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