The Fruits

Eastside CICToday’s Contributor: Drew McCann

Writing and English I Pre-AP teacher at Eastside Memorial High School.  Drew is currently in his fourth year of teaching.  He received his bachelor’s degree in secondary education English with a certificate in alternative education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and taught the first two years of his career in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We’ve all tried to use new digital platforms in our classroom.  Some to fruition.  Some to failure.  Below you will find the fruits of success I have encountered.Eastside M the more successful, calmer Kahoot.  Similar formatting as Kahoot, but the key difference here is the educator can assign a quizizz game to students individually as homework forcing them to complete it on their own.  Instead of trying to punch in an answer the quickest, students go at their own pace to solve the questions.  A leaderboard is available if some students still need the competitive energy to finish the activity, but quizizz can be played by the individual student over and over and over as many times as she/he pleases unlike Kahoot where you have to set it up pain-stakingly waiting for every student to get logged in before even starting. every short multiple short quiz or assessment I give as run through this platform.  You input your own questions and answer choices and this platform will instantly grade every question for you.  I have used this amongst the sea of assessment tools out there because it is highly user-friendly, and I enjoy the chart data analysis it gives you after the quiz is over to analyze visually how we as a class performed on certain questions.

Remind app: free app to send announcements to students through their phones.  Only the teacher needs to download the app to send out announcements to every student who signs up.  For students to sign up, all they need to do is send one text message to your specific class code and another text message giving their name.  They can text this same number to communicate to you if they please.  All messages sent by you through this app costs $0.00 for the students and yourself.

Google Translate app: free app to communicate to non-English speaking homes.  As ashamed as I am to profess, I do not speak a lick of Spanish.  But using google translate, I can create a message to which I can copy and paste into a text message to communicate with home what is occurring my classroom for every student.  Language barrier bursted!  Plus, the students think I have a super power knowing I can’t speak Spanish, but I can text in Spanish.  Shh, don’t spill my magical beans!

Edpuzzle: the interactive video assessment.  You can choose any youtube, vimeo, essentially any video on the internet, and insert questions directly in the videos the students must answer in order to continue the video.  Hate having to constantly repeat yourself?  Who doesn’t?!  This tool is perfect for re-teaching lessons after having already introduced the material.  Edpuzzle has a library you can look for previously created content specific videos to save you some time instead of creating your own.

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