Building the BLEND Capacity

Today’s Contributor: Carmia Adley, Dobie Middle School

I don’t think I’ve used BLEND in as many ways as I would have liked, but I have found it to be great for several of my units.  I really love the Quizlet option. Teaching vocabulary can be difficult. It helps when students can learn vocabulary in a variety of ways.  Quizlet makes this possible. I found Quizlet to be my best option when introducing specific vocabulary related to a novel study. I’ve never seen such excitement surrounding vocabulary.  Students were engaged, and it was easy to navigate.

Another thing I used quite frequently is embedding google slides.  This provided me with an opportunity to scaffold my lessons and meet students where they are.  I was able to assign different activities to go along with the slides. It was a good way to provide interventions without the title of “this is an intervention.”

BLEND has also been a bridge to helping other teachers.  After my first presentation on BLEND, teachers wanted to know more and implement BLEND in their classrooms.  So much paper is wasted each day, and many teachers felt like making copies took way too much of their time. Having the option to upload assignments took the burden off of many teachers I have helped along the way.  

My goal is to have a completely paperless classroom.  I find that no matter what we upload, students are more engaged with the material than if it is presented to them as a worksheet.  Also, it’s just a good way to keep up with everything you’ve done. Paper accumulates and is often thrown away when the piles become overwhelming.  Using BLEND allows us to keep a digital copy of everything the student has done and all the amazing things we’ve created.

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