I’m Now a Fan of Screencastify – Here’s Why

Today’s Contributor: Carmia Adley, CIC and innovative 6th grade ELA teacher at Dobie Middle School.

I wanted to try something new this year: Screencastify. I’d seen it used for professional development, and almost every teacher I follow on Instagram uses this resource. At first, I thought I had no use for it, but after thinking about it, I realized how beneficial this could be for students, especially our ELL and special education population.

I tried it for the first time in my class this week. We are reading a novel. Usually, I would stand in front of the class and speak for about fifteen minutes getting them prepared to read the novel. This time around I talked for about five minutes and directed all the students to the course I created in BLEND for the novel. I let the students know they would be watching a Screencastify lesson on the topic of the novel and taking notes. At first, they groaned because taking notes can be a bit boring. However, I explained to them that as they followed along, they would be filling in the blanks, not just blindly writing. They would then study the notes for a discussion after the video. They loved this idea, and it was a new way to have them interact with their work. They asked if they could pause, rewind, and watch it again if they needed to. They were excited to take ownership of their learning and this made me beyond happy. I saw students pausing and writing, really taking their time and the discussion afterward was amazing.

This is something I plan to use in the future, especially for interventions. Not all students will get it the first time, and we don’t always have time to review things over and over again. This is a great way for them to revisit a lesson, receive interventions, or be introduced to something new. It’s like having a one to one conversation with a teacher. This time it was fill-in-the-blank activity. Next time it will be something different. I can now highly recommend using Screencastify.


  1. I just started using Screencastify this semester and I have really enjoyed it so far, but I love the idea of fill in the blank notes to help keep students focused on getting the important info!

  2. I love, love, love Screencastify! Howard was the one who introduced me! I’ve sent out emails to staff and parents using it- lots of positive feedback!

  3. I absolutely agree with what an amazing intervention tool Screencastify or other screencasting tools can be! It was definitely a time saver when I wanted to introduce a new tool or program to my students but couldn’t take whole class time to show it to them. I’d stick it in a station rotation and students could start working on their activity right away. I also love how it is a Chrome extension giving an opportunity for students to create their own screencasts. It would be great for a student to screencast themselves solving a problem on a digital whiteboard and explaining their thinking at the same time.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! I am an intervention teacher, and I can totally see this working in my class as well!

  5. This is a really great idea for using this tool, I have often had requests from students to rewind videos for note taking.

  6. Yes! I am a big fan of Screencastify as well. I like how easy it is to get video into your Google Drive and the ability to embed your webcam into your screencast. Keep in mind that the free version limits video to 10 min (well past most student attention spans) and limits to 50 videos per month. Way to go Carmia!

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