ARS Animal Enrichment Project

Today’s Contributor: Shawn Mauser

Before her students dubbed her the “Magical Ninja Librarian” of the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in 2007, Shawn Mauser spent 16 years teaching Language Arts and Social Studies in traditional classrooms. Her passion for literacy in all its forms lead her to the library sciences, and she loves that her role as librarian allows her to be a teacher, a technology leader, and —according to her students—a ninja.  She spends days matching readers with books that could change their lives, helping students and teachers navigate and master the 21st century skills required for success in our world, and seeking new ways to advocate for libraries and the Freedom to Read. She holds a Masters in Information Science from the University of North Texas, is a National Board Certified Librarian and a former trainer for the New Jersey Writing Project.

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