SeeSaw, the must-have app!

Today’s Contributor: Zuri Garcia

Dawson 1She is a 2nd grade ESL teacher at Dawson elementary. She is in her 5th year of teaching in Austin ISD.

Hello! Today, I want to share my love of Seesaw with you all! This app is a true game changer! It functions as a teaching tool, a motivator for students, a parent-teacher communication tool, additionally it also provides a way for families to see and be active in what their child is learning about in school. Here’s how.

Teaching tool

Here’s a snapshot of the Seesaw library

Dawson 2

 You can use a smartphone to find and assign activities to individual students (hello, differentiation! And, targeted practice!) or to your entire class.

Seesaw activities:

  • All academic subjects + SEL lessons
  • Innovative and integrated across curriculum
  • Dual language friendly
  • Editable!

Student choice

Students strengthen self-efficacy by being able to choose how they prefer to demonstrate learning. Students can choose from several tools within the app. The app is intuitive and appropriate for Pre-K and up!


  • Photograph (Digital citizenship consideration: When is a selfie appropriate?)
  • Video ( Digital citizenship consideration: Need recording etiquette i.e.don’t walk behind someone, photobomb, yell etc.)
  • Writing (Scaffolding strategie: How many sentences? Offer a sentence starter such as, “I learned…”)

Parents + Motivation

My students love uploading their work for their families to check out, but the real motivator comes from families commenting on their child’s photos, videos, etc. Students love logging in and seeing what their families have said, especially when they include emojis. Through Seesaw, families are given the opportunity to be continuously engaged with and up to date on their child’s academics. Moreso, Seesaw can also be used to showcase student work.


  • Connect parents to the classroom
  • Students receive parent feedback
  • Increase student motivation
  • Create student portfolios
  • Parent conference data

 Classroom Management

This all sounds great, right? But, how do we make this work in reality? My students upload their finished independent work to Seesaw,  and then leave the iPad in their group’s caddy for the next person at their table to use once they too have finished.  Additionally, you could also have students only upload their “best” work or even “before and afters” of individualized learning goals they are working toward. More importantly, figure out what works for your class!  So,  just try it and then tweak it to fit your needs!


  1. i keep hearing great things about see saw and need to make sure i log on and check it out. i liked all the video/pictures you had.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your love of Seesaw! It truly is a game changer! This is my second year using it and I agree with the parent involvement & motivation! The Activities Library has been amazing! I differentiate and integrate activities within all of my subject areas, especially during math and literacy centers. It has also cut down on paper/activities that I need to print. Using it for a reflection or to complete an activity such as a Venn diagram has be so helpful!

    Do you let the students comment on each other’s journal entries? I haven’t tried that yet. Thanks again for sharing!

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