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 Today’s Contributor:  Yesenia Zecca 
My name is Yesenia Zecca and I teach 5th Grade Language Arts at Boone Elementary.  This is my 16th year at Boone and my 27th year teaching. I enjoy spending my free time with my family and creating teaching materials using Google tools.

Are you tired of orally giving different spelling tests to different groups of students week after week?  If so, I have a possible option for you. Spelling City is a website that allows you to create spelling lists free of charge when you create an account.  They do have a paid subscription option, but it is a costly option that you don’t really need.

Differentiating for students is important.  I have spelling lists for GT students, struggling students, on level students, SPED students, and Dyslexic students.  Having to give 5 different spelling tests orally would be a nightmare! 

I create spelling lists on Spelling City and post them for students to access during the week to practice at home.  On Friday, students go to my Spelling City page, find their list and take their spelling test. After they complete the test, they save their test as a PDF on their Google Drive.  Students then go to BLEND and upload their spelling test to the assignment I created for that week. Best of all, all the spelling tests are on one assignment I can easily grade by looking at their spelling test grade and recording it.

I must admit, teaching the students how to save and upload their tests on BLEND does take time but once they do, it will save you lots of valuable class time.  This may be a bit more challenging for younger grades.

I have created spelling tests using the quizzes on BLEND, but have found creating different quizzes and recording words for five different tests to be very time consuming.  Opening multiple quizzes to record grades is not very efficient either.
If you want to give Spelling City a try, I have created videos on How to Create a List on Spelling City and How to Take a Test on Spelling City,  Save to Google Drive & Upload to BLEND.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this exciting way to differentiate learning for your students using a tool we all have access to without spending another dime. I look forward sharing your blog with my school. I especially appreciate that you have created a tutorial to walk us trough the process.

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