Engaging Parents with Kahoot

Today’s Contributor: I’m Evelyn Shyu, a third grade teacher at Brentwood Elementary. This is my first year as the CIC at my campus. I enjoy finding new ways to engage, inspire and connect with my students through technology.

At the beginning of the school year, we are all working on building our classroom communities and getting to know the families we are working with this school year. I love getting to know my students and building a positive rapport with them. However, I struggle when I’m making connections with a group of parents during events such as Back to School Night or Open House. Between going over the school/classroom expectations and our daily schedules, I find myself talking AT the parents rather than being engaging and making meaningful connections with them.

This year, instead of the usual powerpoint slide I would prepare for Back to School Night, I decided to try something different that would help engage my audience and demonstrate the integration of technology in the classroom.

For my back to school night presentation, I created a trivia game on Kahoot, a game based learning platform where teachers can create and play learning games or trivia quizzes. The trivia game included questions about our school/classroom expectations that I would usually cover in my back to school night powerpoint. Parents were asked to get out their mobile devices and participate in the trivia game. As a group, we reviewed the answer and I gave more details about the topic at hand.

I found that relaying information to the parents through the trivia game was engaging and created a comfortable atmosphere. I was able to work on building a relationship with parents and give them a taste from their child’s perspective of how technology is incorporated in my classroom. 

Through this experience, we see how technology can reach all people by engaging them and providing an avenue for kids of all ages to connect with their school community!

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  1. I love how you used this tool to engage parents in learning about their kid’s school and your room. I never thought to use this tool with adults.

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