PlayPosit: Increasing Student Interactivity and Learning

Today’s Contributor: Laura Rice
Laura is the Campus Innovation Connect and Science Department chair at Small Middle School.

I’ve always liked to use videos in my teaching.  From early on I bought into the idea that there are certain types of learners and that it is just a matter of finding the right way to reach each student. I believed that videos alone reached certain students.   As I used videos more and more I realized that, in spite of their engaging nature, students do not always extract the most pertinent information from the videos.  The addition of PlayPosit to our Blend tools has helped me to focus student learning on the exact information I want students to get from videos.

PlayPosit allows the teacher to choose a video and modify it to make learning interactive.  For example, I recently downloaded a YouTube video on adaptations into Playpost to use as part of a student playlist on adaptations. The adaptations video was very short and served as a great engage to the upcoming material.  After downloading it I “edited” the video to insert questions at critical points where I wanted students to process the information more thoroughly.  Each question asked the student to recall information from the last few minutes of the video and respond to questions which would be graded automatically. For a complete review of how to use PlayPosit visit your Blend dashboard where links can be found.

One of the things that I really like about PlayPosit is video cropping.  Because Texas has their own standards for science we are often unable to make use of many beautiful videos because they are not aligned with our TEKS. PlayPosit allows me to crop sections out of videos so students are not confused with material we are not covering in Texas. Some of the other great features are; multiple question formats that range from multiple choice to open-ended questions, note taking, and automatic grade uploading to Blend. But probably the best benefit to PlayPosit is how student learning is impacted.  Students are able to zero in on what I want them to know and demonstrate their knowledge by getting immediate feedback from PlayPosit.

If you haven’t tried PlayPosit I think you will be really pleased to discover the powerful interactive learning experiences it offers. 

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