QR Codes for Cloning and Reteaching

Today’s Contributor: Lauren Hollander

She is in her 11th year teaching, and 1st year as a CIC. Lauren has taught 1st-3rd grades and currently in 2nd at Baldwin Elementary School.

In today’s classrooms, we are expected to move through the curriculum at an increasingly rapid pace. There are many TEKS and guidelines that must be taught in one year, and students sometimes struggle with keeping up from week to week. To support our students, teachers in most grade-levels have created anchor charts to help as a visual reminder of what they learned.

The anchor chart is simply a collection of information about the lesson in class. The best anchor charts are ones made with the students so they are a part of the creation process and hopefully will remember what is on it. But what about students who are absent that day the chart was made? What about students who aren’t quite reading well enough to access the academic language. What about the students who struggle to focus long enough to remember the lesson? Do we just let them thrash in the waters of our classrooms, or should we toss them a life raft?

Enter the QR code.

I know. They’ve been around forever, but by simply recording a 1-2 minute reteach and taping it to the anchor chart, students have something to grasp when they get stuck. They can replay, pause, or skip as needed! The teacher has cloned themselves in a way that supports students exactly when they need it and how they need it. I’ve personally watched several students quietly walk up to a chart with an Ipad scan the code and walk away to re-learn the skill. Most of the time they just needed to quick reminder to complete a task on their playlist that week, but some students actually rely on those codes and scan them several times in the same week. These are students that wouldn’t have had a way to remember before. Some of them might have asked for help from a neighbor or their teacher, but with a simple QR code, I’ve put the responsibility for their learning into their hands.  

The process is pretty simple and there is more than one way to get it done. I personally use Flipgrid’s Shorts camera to keep my videos organized for future use. The shorts camera is just for you to record and share out. I click the QR code image under my recorded video and simply print it out and tape it up. 

Click here for info about the shorts camera: https://blog.flipgrid.com/news/shorts

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