ClassDojo(™) and Its Benefits

Ragnar Rowland teaches bilingual Kindergarten at Harris Elementary School.

This year I have maxed out the use of ClassDojo (™) as I have used it for many things.  ClassDojo(™) is also a great example of what happens when technology advances and how much differences these advances are in a span of a couple of years.  Let me explain what I mean about this.  I used ClassDojo(™) about 4 years ago. I had heard about it and decided to pilot it.  After a while it became too overwhelming, and it wasn’t too user friendly.  I quickly left it by the wayside and began using Remind (™).  This year our principal made it an initiative for all classrooms to use ClassDojo (™) in order to communicate with our parents, and we were encouraged to also post to Class Story and  School Story, one of the features on ClassDojo(™).  

When I first used it four years ago I used it basically as a classroom behavior management tool.  The students were rewarded points for expected behaviors and lost points for inappropriate behaviors.  While this year I still use this feature I really enjoyed having it as a messaging app for 1-1 with my student’s parents and for a class story.  In my school’s School Story our principal also shared things that were happening on campus as well as stories we wanted to share.  Such as pictures of family nights and events on campus as well as announcements of events or notices that we would be implementing. I slowly started adding more and more pictures of things that we were doing in the classroom and parents began to enjoy and felt part of the classroom community.  In addition it allowed me to share documents that I sent in the backpacks in case the students lost or did not hand the documents to the parents.  I also would upload the homework calendar and make it easy to give my parents access to the resources of our classroom and what was happening. 

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