My Evolution with Seesaw

Today’s contributor: Stacey Shapiro
I am a 1st Grade Teacher at Zilker Elementary, This is my 22nd year teaching in AISD, fourth year as our campus CIC, and each year I’ve focused on technology in my classroom with my early childhood learners. I am also a BrainPOP Certified Educator and a Seesaw Ambassador.

My previous two blog posts I focused on using Seesaw. My first post was “How I found Seesaw to provide my students with a voice to explain their thinking and a online portfolio.” This is a great resource for teachers just getting started with Seesaw.

Then last year I wrote “Powerful Creative Tools to Capture Students’ Learning Using Seesaw.” Those teachers who are ready for the next steps with Seesaw, utilizing the activities library, creating their own activities, and “app-smashing” can find additional information here.

Since more teachers are using Seesaw as a way to provide lessons, differentiate, and provide feedback to students while we are embarking in distance learning, I thought I would share these posts as a way to see my evolution with Seesaw. I also wanted to  introduce a new way I learned about to give feedback and provide a little motivation to students for completing activities.

I follow several Seesaw Teachers groups on Facebook. There is a generic group for teachers as well as groups by grade level. I would highly recommend them. Teachers are constantly sharing their creations and helping others solve problems when they get stuck. One teacher shared these free one-page “cheat sheets” for tips on using Seesaw and their tools. Another shared about a fun incentive to use with her students by adding a sticker book to their Seesaw journals and adding a sticker whenever they complete an assignment. This is a little time consuming at first, but it gets quicker and the kids love it! Click here for a generic sticker book.

I found a bunch of tutorials for how to make your own stickers using Bitmojis. I also just found images of my favorite childhood stickers and took screenshots of them and made them into jpgs or pngs. You can also just use clipart.

Instead of creating a sticker book, another option would be adding stickers to completed work. Here is a step-by-step guide to do that.

If you have Seesaw questions, especially getting started with Remote Learning with Seesaw, here’s a website to help. They also offer Seesaw Help Live Monday- Friday 9-10am CST.

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