Guidelines for Online Learning

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Today’s Contributor: Kristen Scott, Kealing Middle School

I am a journalism teacher at Kealing Middle School responsible for our school publications and broadcast. I enjoy creating classroom resources that take some of our more complicated course material and break it down to make it more accessible to my students.

Our social studies department collaborated with school administration to create a digital citizenship lesson to help students prepare for online learning opportunities. They asked me to take a table they’d created of guidelines and actions that teachers could share will all students and post on their Blend pages to clearly communicate school expectations for an effective online learning environment.

A downloadable version is linked at the bottom of the page.

As a publications adviser, I teach my students how to use contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity to improve the readability of their designs–concepts that apply to creating classroom resources as much as they apply to our publications. Last summer I took a free online class with the Adobe Education Exchange that covered how to create infographics for the classroom. The class allowed me to build on my existing skills in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop and helped me to become less intimidated about working with Adobe Illustrator.

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