Making Learning-at-Home Fun and Engaging

Today’s Contributor: Lucy Figueroa teaches Social Studies at Sarah Lively Middle School

When I saw the AISD Learning-at-Home website format, I thought it would be a perfect platform for our 8th grade US History students. The Lively US History team wanted to make learning-at-home fun and engaging for the students, and we were excited to offer learning experiences that students could enjoy from the comforts of their home. The choice menu allows students to select learning experiences that pique their interest and even include their family in the learning process. Students have posted their learning experiences on Flipgrid and their posts range from playing 19th-century games like checkers and chutes-and-ladders with their grandparents to baking a 19th-century mac-n-cheese recipe. Although this is a challenging time for everyone, we are developing quality lessons and gathering a plethora of resources that we can use when we return to school. Having time to learn the BLEND platform (Canvas LMS) is exactly what we needed. I am thrilled with the thought of returning to the classroom with these new ideas and how to use BLEND more in my classroom.

Sample playlist

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