Zoom Scavenger Hunt

Today’s Contributors: Lauren De Amezaga & Deirdre Nic Ruairí from Zilker ES

We felt that our Zooms weren’t exactly mirroring the fun that we had together in the classroom. While we appreciated shares and time to catch up, we were utilizing FlipGrids for students to share their voice every day. We wanted to spice things up a bit and have students be active around their houses while having fun. Together, we created a list of items students could go on a scavenger hunt for around the house. We came up with 5 items for students to find around their home around the topic of Earth Day. We utilized classroomscreen.com for our timer. We set the sound on the timer and played it for students to know that if they heard the sound, they should come back because time was up! We also shared our screen with students after each clue so they could see the amount of time they had left for each item. Teachers chose a few students to share the items they found after each round of a scavenger hunt.

Also, ‘Scientific Sally’ came in a bucket hat, glasses, and handkerchief to make it more engaging and fun for the kiddos!

One student remarked, “It was so fun! We got to do something new and fun all together.”
This comment, coupled with students’ smiles and laughs, are how we know it was a huge success and something we will definitely do again!

Here are the clues we used:
1. Something blue like the ocean
2. Something that has the letter E like earth
3. Something that has ink like a squid
4. Something that makes you think of nature
5. Something that smells good (like outside/ a flower)

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