VILS Fall/Spring 2019-20 PD Schedule

Story shared by Rita Fennelly-Atkinson, Technology Design Coach

In 2019, five Austin ISD middle schools were awarded the Verizon Innovation Learning Schools (VILS) grant which provided these campuses with Chromebooks with a cellular data plan for their students and ongoing professional learning and support. Our teachers and staff have benefited greatly from the partnership with Verizon and Digital Promise.

During these extraordinary times, VILS and Digital Promise have extended their just-in-time learning opportunities to all staff in Austin ISD. These webinars will provide you the opportunity to learn tips and tricks to support your remote learning while also gaining a glimpse into how campuses across the nation are responding.

These webinars are hosted on Zoom and will last 30 – 60 minutes. If you miss one, a recording will be made available at a later date. Click here to access the list of upcoming and past webinars.

Click the session title to join the webinar or here to view past recordings

DateTimeSession TitleAudience
Tuesday, Apr 2811am PT/2pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: Remote Learning Study: Exemplars and ReflectionOpen to All
Thursday, Apr 3011am PT/2pm ETPrincipal / Leader Call: Parent and Family EngagementOpen to All
Tuesday, May 511am PT/2pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: Remote Learning with Microsoft TeamsOpen to All
Tuesday, May 1211am PT/2pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: Creating Effective Instructional VideosOpen to All
Thursday, May 1411am PT/2pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: Intermediate Video Calling OrganizationOpen to All
Thursday, May 2111am PT/2pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: Accessibility for Diverse LearnersOpen to All
Tuesday, May 2611am PT/2pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: Virtual Learning and AccessibilityOpen to All
Thursday, May 2811am PT/2pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: Virtual Coaching Organization and ProcessesOpen to All
Tuesday, Apr 149am PT/12pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: Face-To-Face Vs. Pace & PlaceOpen to All
Tuesday, Apr 1411am PT/2 pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: Zoom –  Comprehensive DiveOpen to All
Thursday, Apr 169am PT/12pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: Hyper What Now? HYPERDOCS!Open to All
Tuesday, Apr 2111am PT/2pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: I Made A Screencast… Now What?Open to All
Thursday, Apr 239am PT/12pm ETMentor Coach-Lead Webinar: The Rolls-Royce Of Student ChoiceOpen to All

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