Today’s Contributor: Hello from Oak Hill Elementary. My name is Alexandra Tarpley and this is my second year being the campus innovation coach.  This has been quite the school year but despite everything I am happy to say we are ending this school year STRONG…TEACHER STRONG that is.

Reinventing education has been a task all teachers in the United States have been commissioned to do.  AISD has not been immune to this adaptation.  Here in AISD we are taking to it like fish to water.  We are fortunate to have so many experts on technology in Austin ISD and tremendous amounts of support from technology design coaches.  Although this transition was hard, everyone at Oak Hill adapted well and were onboard in supporting our students.  Everyone spent a week training on BLEND 101 skills or learning about SeeSaw and jumped right to it.  What is most inspiring about distance learning are the innovative lessons teachers are creating and the work students are submitting.  Not being in a traditional classroom causes many challenges but the students are getting creative with materials they use and in the work they submit.  

I am going to highlight a few of the amazing things our teachers are doing at Oak Hill.  We at Oak Hill, hope everyone is safe and healthy and that teachers are enjoying their week of appreciation! 

Our reading specialist, Mrs. Hernandez has been working on procedural text with her small groups.  Students were tasked to use google slides to create their own procedural text.  I mean who doesn’t like slime? 
Swim fishy swim! In Kindergarten, in Ms. Kanak’s class, students were tasked with creating subtraction math stories in SeeSaw.
In 3rd grade, Ms. Valle’s class students learned about how mountains are made, then students stacked 3 towels and acted out how mountains are formed. They made towel mountains!
Just because schooling is done at home doesn’t mean art class can’t happen. Hello look at Peace Kitty! This looks like something you would see at an eclectic restaurant.

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