Join the Austin ISD Virtual Choir!

On May 8th, Austin ISD launched its first Virtual Choir! This collaboration between AISD Fine Arts Administrators, Choir Teachers, and Technology Design came together as a way to help teachers explore virtual performance facilitation and bring musicians together in a time when many are really missing their performance ensembles. AISD Virtual choir

The AISD Virtual Choir is a BLEND (Canvas LMS) course and the whole process, from instructions, to rehearsal, to recording submissions, lives in BLEND. The design team focused on BLEND as the platform and tool with the most equitable access. Students do not need special equipment or recording software because they are able to record using the built in video recorder right in BLEND.

Here is the video welcome message the teachers created for their BLEND course:

Also from the course:
“This collaboration will hopefully allow us to experience (even if only a little) a performance together! Many of us are missing our ensemble time and feeling a great loss without the ability to make music with one another. We know this virtual approach won’t feel the same as performing in an ensemble that can be together physically, but we want to give it a try as a “remote learning” way to make music together!

¡Esperamos que esta colaboración nos permita experimentar (aunque sea un poco) una actuación juntos! Muchos de nosotros estamos perdiendo nuestro tiempo de conjunto y sentimos una gran pérdida sin la capacidad de hacer música entre nosotros. Sabemos que este enfoque virtual no se sentirá igual que actuar en un conjunto que puede estar físicamente juntos, ¡pero queremos probarlo como una forma de “aprendizaje remoto” para hacer música juntos!”

“It has been an amazing experience watching our team work together to build a Blend Course that makes being a part of a virtual choir accessible to our students.Watching the submissions come in has been so rewarding. What a wonderful time to combine art, performance, and technology, all while giving our students new skills and experiences.”

  • Ellen Parks, Visual and Performing Arts Support Specialist

The plan is to release the performance on May 22nd. The AISD Virtual Choir will also be featured in the June Fine Arts Celebration

Recordings can be submitted through Sunday, May 17th at midnight so click the link above and JOIN the AISD Virtual Choir!

For more ways to connect to AISD Fine Arts (including the awesome #VirtualPAC project) click HERE or follow @AISDArts on Twitter!

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