Baby Your Eyes With Blue Light Filters

Technology Design Coach Marc Thrall

Teaching and learning online can present challenges for our eyes. Hours of reading a bright screen can strain on our eyes. Extended exposure to blue light can cause headaches in susceptible people. Studies show that exposure to blue light in the evening can have a negative effect on our ability to sleep well. The Harvard Medical School has a good article about the effects of blue light.

Some people swear by their blue blocking lenses. I have found them effective myself. They were also an extra expense. As an educator, I look for no-cost and low-cost solutions.

We can reduce the amount of blue light at the source, our devices, for free. Chromebooks, Windows 10 devices, Macbooks, and iPads have features to manage exposure to blue light. You can use them when you are computing in the evening or turn them on any time your eyes need a break. The features demonstrated below can be turned on at any time or scheduled for a specific time of day.

A long post before showing you how to use these features would be ironic so I’ll get right to it.

Chromebooks have a feature called Night Light that can help manage eye strain. It can also help students working late get to sleep when they are done.

Windows 10 devices also have a feature called Night Light. I use it frequently throughout the day to give my eyes a break from blue brightness.

Macbooks have an equivalent feature called Night Shift. I don’t have a macbook but colleagues tell me it makes a positive difference on eye strain.

iPads also have Night Shift.

I hope you find these tools useful in your quest to protect your eyes, your sleep, and, maybe, your sanity.


  1. Thank you! Is there any downside to leaving the nightshift feature on 24/7? Since we are all on our screens more than usual these days post covid…

    1. If you do work with graphics and images the color balance can be distracting otherwise there is no real downside to using night light all the time. I use it most of the time except when I am editing images or video. Marc

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