Weekly Lessons Learned 9/25/20

Weekly Lessons Learned Update

Welcome to the Technology Design Team Weekly Lessons Learned! This will be a recurring feature on Friday afternoons where the Technology Design Team will share top of mind resources and learning. Each week, we will post a few key things we hope you may find useful. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.
Some of the content may be specific to the realities of Austin ISD though, we hope, much will be useful to viewers worldwide.

My gradebook in BLEND isn’t showing my course assignments, quizzes, etc.! 

  • Assignments without due dates default to the end of the term. You need to: 
    • Add due dates to assignments so they appear in the correct grading cycle.
  • If you have a gradebook item without a due date, go to “View” → “Filters” → “Grading Periods” to adjust to “All Grading Periods” and see those “missing” assignments. (image here)

Google Drive will not authorize.

  1. Check for any unnecessary extensions / games.
  2. From settings  → under Privacy and Security → Clear browsing data → from all time
  3. Restart.
  4. Log back in to Portal.
  5. Authenticate Google Drive.
  6. Go to BLEND.
  7. Confirm Google Drive in BLEND. Video here.
  8. Check Browser Cookies if the issue still persists. Video here.

What are the best ways for parents to see a global view of what their child needs to do and feedback/grades they have received? 

Remember–this will be most effective if a teacher has assigned clear due dates or event dates.

With your student, change their dashboard to “List View”. If you scroll up, you can see and click on past assignments prior to the week, as well as see a current view of everything due for all classes within the week. Learn more about list view here. (Please remember to change the dashboard back to CARD view when you have finished to keep access to classes easy and consistent for students. If you think this view would be beneficial for observers to have as well, please consider upvoting the suggestion to add list view to the observer role in the canvas community here)

How can I connect BLEND and Google in different ways?

 Here is how to embed Google items using different methods

  1. Use the Google Drive button in the Rich Content Editor.
  2. Use “More External Tools” and use the Google Drive icon.
  3. Publish to the web.

For best visibility across any and all devices and browsers, consider the last option, which is the method from the screencast (around 4:36) where you publish the item and embed the published item into BLEND will generally be the most seamless for parents and students (Remember: Google Slide decks will not necessarily be interactive with links within the Canvas App for iOS users, especially PreK-2 students on iPads.)

How can I help my students with Portal login issues? If students cannot login with their default passwords, remember that teachers have the power to reset and see students’ default passwords to send to them. You can also send these AISD Caregiver Handbooks for BLEND and Seesaw (English and Spanish) to families.

How can I ensure my students have the latest version of Chrome on their Chromebooks? To make sure that students on Chromebooks have the latest version of Google Chrome if you are asked to update or told your browser is out of date, you can view this video to use Gopher Buddy on a student device. You can also powerwash a Chromebook to reset it. Powerwashing can prevent many problems if done monthly. A tutorial for powerwashing can be found here.

Are students experiencing issues trying to login to different AISD digital resources? If having problems accessing digital resources such as Seesaw, BrainPop and Imagine Learning, please make sure students are using their AISD credentials. Parents have not been rostered for these programs through Clever. If they are trying to access a Google product (like Google Drive) and do not know their student email, here is where to find it in the Parent Portal.

How do I troubleshoot accessing AISD digital resources such as Seesaw, Dreambox, Imagine Learning? Please make sure these are showing  in your BLEND course navigation and students are accessing them through BLEND the first time to authenticate through the portal and Clever. Remember that to avoid violating FERPA always keep people hidden. Once authenticated, some apps will stay logged in (like Seesaw) while some while require you to go through BLEND each time and will not open in the app automatically (like Dreambox).

Is your button not automatically authenticating students to an AISD digital resource?
If you have created (or modified) a button on your BLEND homepage to link directly to Seesaw, Dreambox, or other AISD digital resources and you have heard they are not properly working or re-directing students through Clever, please reach out to your campus CIC or TDC to check your link.

What can I do if my students on an iPad using the Canvas Student App can’t see my BLEND items? 

Make sure items are in a published module if students are using the Canvas Student App. You can also have them open BLEND via a browser instead. Remember that there are also multiple entry points into BLEND, including using the Canvas Student App and using a browser (Chrome or Safari) to get to the AISD Portal and then into BLEND.

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