Weekly Lessons Learned 10/16/20

Weekly Lessons Learned Update

As the end of the grading period approaches, what are some timesavers for grading and tips for communicating missing work to students? 

  • You can use the BLEND Gradebook to help you identify students who have or have not turned in work. Here is a Canvas guide on how to message all students who have not turned in work.
  • To filter the view of grades in BLEND to more easily see work, watch this screencast
  • To create “progress reports” of what students have or have not turned in, you can go to your BLEND gradebook. Then, click on a student’s name. Click on “Grades” and it gives you an individual student report. A screencast can be found here.
  • This Teacher Tools extension will help you transfer grades from BLEND to TEAMS quickly. As a reminder, please 1) remove the emojis from the spreadsheet because TEAMS does not recognize emojis and 2) ensure that assignment names are less than 64 characters long.

What are some best practices for adding grades and assignments in SIS Frontline TEAMS?

  • Secondary teachers discovered that they couldn’t add assignments on the last day of the grading cycle.
  • Consider pre-loading your assignments to Frontline SIS well before the end of the grading cycle. Use “PND” as a placeholder for student grades.
  • More information about using Frontline SIS can be found on the Teacher Hub in the Portal.

Zoom Odds’n’Ends:

  • Prevent your recurring Zoom meeting from expiring! That recurring meeting you set up in August may expire soon! This video will show you how to change the recurrence to “no fixed time,” thereby preventing it from expiring.
  • Students do NOT create Zoom accounts. As part of a gradual, district-wide update, students will soon be required to “authorize” through the Portal to enter your Zoom meetings, but they will NOT need their own Zoom account to do so. This authorization process means that they will show up in your meetings with their name as it appears on your roster. There are always bumps along the way as we update processes, but the collective hope is that these changes will ultimately provide a more secure online environment for you and your students. 

How can I get Zoom help?

  • Our contract with Zoom includes technical support. Teachers can submit a ticket when they have a Zoom technical issue: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/requests/new
  • *NOTE: Zoom support staff will only accept your request if you have completed the steps to join AISD’s licensed Zoom account. (Steps at bit.ly/aisdzoom.)

BLEND Odds’n’Ends:

  • To “undo” something in a BLEND page, consider viewing the page history and/or using the “undelete” function. The screencast for these tips can be found here.
  • To view work from concluded students in a BLEND course, please see the Canvas guides here.
  • Teachers are reporting that students are unable to see some of the images (which show up as padlocks) that were included in this week’s blueprint content. The images in question display as locks for students. Follow the steps shown in this screencast to fix these image files.

What new learning has happened around Playposit bulbs and ownership?

Curious about the status of a system that Austin ISD uses? 

Below is a list of links to refer to when things start slowing down or aren’t loading. You can get a quick glance at the big picture to see if it’s a known issue or perhaps something more local/on your device. 

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