Weekly Lessons Learned 4/2/21

Weekly Lessons Learned Update

Welcome to the Technology Design Team Weekly Lessons Learned! This will be a recurring feature on Friday afternoons where the Technology Design Team will share top of mind resources and learning. Each week, we will post a few key things we hope you may find useful. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.
Some of the content may be specific to the realities of Austin ISD though, we hope, much will be useful to viewers worldwide.

The Weekly Lessons Learned Archive contains a list of topics from and links to previous updates.

general information

What measures can I take to protect my class against Zoom bombing? 

You can keep your students safe and protect yourself against Zoom bombing by making sure you have turned on the setting that requires authentication to join for your Zoom meeting. To turn on authentication, log into your teacher Zoom account, click on the “Meetings” tab, go to the meeting you’d like to edit, click “Edit,” check the box that says, “Require authentication to join,” and click “Save” to apply the settings. This helpful “AISD Zoom Safer” resource explains the process, and a GIF can also be found below.
Authentication is designed to automatically apply a student’s name from SIS Frontline TEAMS so that a student cannot change their name to pose as a different individual. Please note that if “renaming” is enabled in your teacher Zoom account, this would only allow kids to rename themselves after they have been let into the meeting if you require authentication to join.

If you are still using your personal room:

I’ve received a Google Assignment as part of the blueprints: Is there a way for me to edit the Google Assignment attachments?
This “Editing A Google Assignment External Submission Tool” video demonstrates how a teacher can edit Google Assignments from blueprint content and provide attachments customized for the students in that course.

I want to show my students a portion of a longer YouTube video in Google Slides. How can I adjust a YouTube video in Google slides?
This “Adjusting YouTube Playback in Google Slides” video demonstrates formatting options for YouTube videos in Slides.

What important feature updates are new to BLEND/Canvas?

Submission Reassignments: In SpeedGrader, instructors can reassign an assignment with a due date to an individual student and ask them to redo their submission. Here is additional information about submission reassignments. Canvas provides a video demonstrating submission reassignment.

Is there a way to transfer grades from the BLEND gradebook to my TEAMS gradebook?The Teacher Tools Chrome extension, developed by Northeast teacher Eric Schaffer, can help transfer grades from BLEND to your TEAMS gradebook. This short step-set provides information on how to use Teacher Tools, and this short screencast walks through the process.

I’m trying to use the Teacher Tools extension as described above, but my Mac is giving me errors. How do I troubleshoot these Mac errors so that I can use Teacher Tools?

This pertains to Mac users who have updated to Catalina. When Exporting grades from BLEND, the .CSV or .XLS file that is downloaded and opened on a Mac can sometimes become inverted and mirrored when looking at the spreadsheet. This makes it impossible to use with Teacher Tools extensions to import grades to Frontline. Solutions for making sure the exported grades are formatted correctly to use with Teacher Tools are as follows (reference):

  1. Solution 1: Update Microsoft Office Products.
  2. Solution 2: Scroll down in the spreadsheet past all information present and the scroll back to top for it to flip to the correct orientation.

Will Technology Design Team Virtual Office Hours still happen?
The Technology Design Team will be joining the Austin ISD family in Spring Break. Virtual Office Hours with the Technology Design Team will return Monday, March 22nd. Virtual Office Hours with the Technology Design Team will happen on Monday-Thursday from 9:00-11:00 AM and 2:00-4:00 PM and on Friday from 2:00-4:00 PM.
Please check the Global Announcement in BLEND for the Zoom link.


How should my students access BrainPop on iPad?
This video demonstrates the student process for access BrainPop on a District issued iPad.

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