Giving Students Voice and Choice through Inquiry Based Science Instruction in Blend.

science image

By Meghan Peyton

How do you create a student centered digital space for first grade bilingual students? How can you leverage this space for students to explore essential science questions? How can you promote voice and choice? At Sunset Valley Elementary, Mrs. Nancy Saenz has created student centered digital learning spaces through Blend and Seesaw for her bilingual students to explore and create in science class.

Mrs. Saenz wanted to create a child friendly way for students to explore science content in an interactive way. With her knowledge of Google Slides and a lot of creativity, she has designed digital classroom spaces for students to explore essential questions in science and create authentic projects. Mrs. Saenz has utilized a Hyperlinked Google Slide to house books, videos, interactive notebooks, and other materials for students to use at home or at school. These slides can be used directly in Seesaw that students can explore before creating something. Students have a voice and a choice in how they want to explore and create content based on what they have learned.

However, Mrs. Saenz came across a limitation with Seesaw. Once students submitted their assignment, students were unable to access the interactive Google Slide. That’s where Blend comes in! Mrs. Saenz created a welcoming and student centered Blend Homeroom course that her bilingual first grade students and families navigate with ease. This is in large part to her visuals, support and intuitive design. Even after a Seesaw assignment is submitted, students can go back and explore all of the science topics they have learned through the year and reference them again for choice work.

Check Out photos of Ms. Saenz Blend page and access her Science Slides:

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