Changing Assignment Requirements to Support Mastery

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Recently I changed how I am doing requirements and wanted to share them with you.

  • When my students were submitting their Google Documents, they would automatically receive a green checkmark ✅ indicating they completed that specific assignment.
  • The problem with this was if I returned the assignment and asked them to make corrections, they would still see the ✅ which did not give them an indication that the assignment was returned and I was asking them to make corrections.
  • Here is my fix for this issue: I changed the requirement from “Submit the Assignment” to “Score at least a 100%” (Since that is my requirement for mastery assignment. You can set your own grade requirement)
  • Now when the student submits the assignment, they receive a white circle with an “I” inside of it which indicates that they submitted the assignment and the teacher needs to grade it.
  • If I do not give the student 100%, then the circle will change to a red circle with a red line inside indicating that they need to make corrections.

Once I made this change, my email box started lighting up with students wanting to know what happened to their ✅, which was great because the system was working and students were alerted. The students wanted to know how to make the correction.

I have had several meetings with parents where I walk them through their child’s BLEND course explaining the green checkmark requirements. Parents have expressed appreciation because they can instantly see if their child has met the requirement for that assignment.

If you have not started using the ✅ system, I highly recommend it! It will save you time and give your student and parents an easy way to check for assignment completion.

Example of how the requirements look:

The visuals below provide additional information on the benefits of using BLEND requirements.

Click below for video and step-by-step instructions.

Link to Canvas Guides

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