Using Digital Student Portfolios to get Genuine Data for Personalization

Ragnar Rowland teaches bilingual Kindergarten and is the Campus Innovation Connector at Harris Elementary School.

This school year at Harris Elementary as a practice that I have worked with all of our students and teachers is in implementing a digital student portfolio.  The rationale behind this practice is to allow the students to track their progress through the work that they have accomplished throughout the year and the ability to collect genuine student data.  We began this practice through creating a google suite slide deck.  I converted it to a google kit assignment in BLEND to give students their own copy.  Then through the help of the teachers as well as when the students visited me we would work on how to personalize their portfolios and how to upload work of assignments that they have completed.  At the end of the school year the plan is for this slide deck to be dropped into the BLEND portfolio so that the students can share with their teacher the following school year. 

Linked below are two examples of student portfolios, one is from a second grade student and the second is from a fourth grade student.  Both students needed scaffolding, but were soon ready to edit and bring their portfolio to live.  The plan for next year is to start sooner in the school year and also to include a digital data tracker that the student will be able to access and manipulate so that they may set their own goals.

Link: 2nd grade portfolioLink: 4th grade portfolio

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