What’s New With BrainPOP

Today’s Contributor: I am Stacy Shapiro. I am a 1st Grade Teacher at Zilker Elementary,  This is my 24th year teaching in AISD. As a BrainPOP Certified Educator, I recently became aware of a couple of new features in BrainPOP that I wanted to share.

If you aren’t familiar with BrainPOP, their animated movies address topics across all subjects in the curriculum. They embed key learning concepts within a playful narrative starring BrainPOP’s growing cast of characters including Moby and Tim!  You can always visit this educators’ page for movie teaching resources. https://educators.brainpop.com/tools-features-support/movie-watching-teaching-resources/

The two new Features are Pause Points and Immersive Reader. Let’s begin with Pause Points. As a primary teacher, pausing is embedded in BrainPOPJr so we can check for understanding, make connections to previously taught concepts, make connections to the real world, and even pre-assess knowledge.

Now, there is a way to include these checkpoints in BrainPOP, too! Here is the link to the Pause Points Video Tutorial.

Many movies on BrainPOP contain Pause Points.  These grade-banded, embedded formative assessments promote active learning by inviting students to pause, think, and express what they’re learning while watching the movie. The following overview video describes how Pause Points meaningfully engage students in key concepts and skills aligned to grade-level standards. NOTE: Pause Points exist on popular BrainPOP topics, but not yet EVERY BrainPOP movie.  Check the website for the most up to date list. 

The other new feature is Microsoft Immersive Reader. Students are familiar with Immersive Readers since it is embedded in BLEND/Canvas and other district resources. Now, the can access it in BrainPOP, too! The immersive reader is a tool with a variety of uses to support students’ reading needs. Here is the link to the Microsoft Immersive Reader Tutorial.

If you would like more information on BrainPOP check out BrainPOP 101.

If you are loving the BrainPOP or BrainPOPJr features and would like additional training, here is some professional development information to become a Certified BrainPOP Educator. A new cohort will begin this summer!

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