How Do You Meet The Needs of All Students in AISD?

Today’s contributor: Diane Sidoroff is the Online Curriculum Support Specialist at Garza Independence High School.

Did you know that for the last 12 years Garza HS Online has been serving the students of AISD by providing students with the opportunity to earn credits virtually?  Garza supports high school students who are in need of recovering credit or who are looking for advancement in credit.  Additionally, we support middle school students that are looking for a course that is not available on their campus (usually advanced mathematics).  Our program offers over 60 courses for students to choose from to meet their academic requirements.

Did you know that each year Garza works with roughly 1000 students during the fall and spring with an additional 1000 students in the summer? Since Garza began, students have earned approximately 7000 semester credits through our program. 

Did you know that over the past several years, Garza HS Online teachers have helped various high schools by becoming online instructors for high schools that have not been able to fill a position? Garza has taught computer science, Government, Latin and American Sign Language to hundreds of students that would not have been able to take those courses without our program. Garza HS Online also provides high school students with (End of Course) EOC review courses that help them prepare for their annual testing. And finally, did you know that all the courses provided through Garza HS Online have been written by our teachers at Garza Independence HS?  This ownership of our curriculum gives us the ability to adapt it to meet the needs of our students.

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