Top 10 Reasons You Should be Collaborating with Your School Librarian

Today’s Contributor: Lorelei Scanlan is the proud librarian of Martin Middle School. This is her sixth year as an Eagle and has been in education for thirteen years. Lorelei enjoys camping, listening to Taylor Swift, watching reality tv, and of course reading!
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  1. Librarians are certified teachers first and foremost. We have the pedagogical and content expertise to be a great resource and support system for you. We love co-teaching with you!
  2. Librarians are experts at digital resources. Not only do we have the expertise on the digital resources available through MackinVIA to all AISD schools, but we also attend professional development and share resources on other resources available.
  3. Research is our jam! We literally have a Masters degree in it. We would love to help you on your latest research project. Not only can we teach your students research skills and how to evaluate resources, but we have great ideas on how to implement these in your project.
  4. The library is a wonderful space & you can use it, too! Need room for a gallery walk? We got you! Want to do station rotations but lack the space? The library can accommodate you. Want an inviting environment for a special reading opportunity? The library is the place!
  5. We are well connected. You should see our Librarian PLC and network in Austin ISD. We are a tight bunch and love to help each other, which results in helping you!
  6. Have a question? Go see your librarian. If we don’t know the answer, we know how to find it!
  7. We are a great addition to any PLC and love to collaborate.
  8. Students are our number one priority. We bring a student centered mentality to any collaboration.
  9. We are lucky enough to have the flexibility to try different things out in the library with different classes. If you’re wanting to try something new, we’re game! And we might have already tried something similar and can bring insight into the lesson. 
  10. We love collaborating with teachers and are eager to do it! Plus, we usually have snacks stashed somewhere in the library.

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