Are You Interested? If It Gets a Kid Reading…

Today’s Contributor: Ed Yeager has taught 3rd, 2nd, 5th, and 6th over the last 14 years and is currently the Campus Innovation Connector and a 2nd grade teacher at Pillow Elementary.

Oh how times have changed! Pandemic. Technology. Economy. Learning. Life.

So much has changed in the last few years.  It is hard to keep up.  How do we keep students interested?  Most especially, how do we keep students interested in reading?

I remember always having a book to read when I grew up (back in the dark ages). There was no digital anything.  We called graphic novels comic books. Or do we now call comic books graphic novels?  I used to ride my bike to the convenience store and get the latest comics (for way less than a dollar). Those days are gone. Now everything is at our fingertips. Kids are now drawn to digital formats.  Maybe that’s progress.

Years ago, author Phil Bildner told me how much he loved graphic novels.  His theory was that if it gets kids reading, it is a good thing. It took me a bit, but I am now in full agreement. If it gets kids reading…..   

Look at the options we have now. We still have books to hold in our hands, but there is so much more. My students are obsessed with Epic! What a wonderful resource. Yes, many of them rush to the graphic novels, but if it gets kids reading… MackInvia is another online option where kids can find books to read.  Again, if it gets kids reading… We now measure student progress online with MapGrowth. It is tied to Imagine Learning – a program students love, by the way. YouTube has a seemingly endless supply of read alouds. There are so many digital resources now. I hope you will join me in exploring them. Just remember: If it gets kids reading….

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