Utilizing the BLEND Admin Account

Today’s Contributor: I’m Theresa Hamilton. I’m  in my 10th year in education and second year in my current role as an Instructional Coach. This year, one of our main goals was to align practices within our technology integration implementation. We needed to make sure we met the needs of students at our campus and upheld the district blueprint expectations. The BLEND Admin Account helped us meet this goal.

As a staff, we created norms for our BLEND home pages and module structure. We created consistent support for students within each course. We also created opportunities for teachers to bring their own creativity into their courses. As a coach, I trained our experienced and new teachers on the expectations of our BLEND courses at the start of the year. 

The next step was monitoring the rollout and providing continual support. This is where the BLEND Admin Account came in handy. The Admin account allowed me to remote into any teacher’s course to troubleshoot and provide support. I was able to support several teachers at the same time because I didn’t need to look at their individual computer screens to understand the problem. Alternatively, I did not need to be added as a “teacher” or “observer” of every course on campus in order to support. 

The BLEND Admin account was crucial to a smooth transition for short and long-term substitute teachers. I was able to add users to courses and help monitor student submissions, course analytics, and publish modules and pages.

The next steps to fully utilizing the BLEND Admin account are Rubrics and Item Banks! We have just dipped into these tools. Through the admin account, teams can create department-wide rubrics for instructors to use across the school. For example, the ELAR department can create a rubric focused on creating inferences, and 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade teachers can apply the same rubric to measure student progress. 

I appreciate the consistency and efficiency the BLEND Admin Account has given me this year!

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