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The Connect Design Learn Podcast has been focused on coaching and Jim Knight’s Partnership Principles. We hope to return to that important subject soon. In March 2020, the Austin community and Austin Independent School District adopted social distancing and a stay-at-home policy that has closed our school buildings for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year but learning will continue. Even in these unprecedented times, Austin ISD continues to support our students and families in ways that may surprise you.

Welcome to our Technology Design Team Connect, Design, Learn Podcast Mini-Sodes.

We aspire to capture and do justice to some of the stories of the remarkable people working through and affected by this incredible challenge to our community.

Don’t Stop Believin’!  – LASA LBJ Virtual Prom
Meghan Buchanan and Laurie Beaman talk to LBJ Early College HS and LASA HS students and staff about their Virtual Prom Event which took place on Saturday May 2nd via Zoom and Instagram live. This prom was important in so many ways, not for prom king and queen or who “wore it best” but because a community was able to come together with the music they love, the people they miss, and a celebration they won’t soon forget.
You can read more about this event in our blog post.
Start With The Heart and Be Kind to Yourself – Connecting, Teaching, and Leading During This New Reality
Vanessa Jones hosts Mary Tijerina, PreK teacher, and, Eliza Loyola, principal, from Menchaca Elementary in a conversation about challenges and celebrations during the quick shift to remote learning. Connecting, supporting, and empathizing with the entire Menchaca community — students, parents, and staff — has been key to making the best of this unprecedented situation.
Mary reminds us to “start with the heart and to also be kind to yourself this is a learning experience for all of us.”
Heroes of a New Reality – Ms. Hudson’s Magic School Bus – The Interview
We featured Rae Hudson in a post last week called Heroes of a New Reality: Ms. Hudson’s Magic School Bus. The enthusiasm and pride in Rae’s responses can be best captured in her own voice. We hope sharing the audio from Emily Smith-Buster’s interview with Rae will give all an even better appreciation of this remarkable Austin ISD hero.

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