Stop-Motion Fun in the Perez Elementary Library

Today’s Contributor: Randi Sather, Librarian and CIC at Perez Elementary

This year, as part of our Genius Hour sessions, Perez Elementary students are creating their own stop-motion animated videos! Thanks to a partnership with 4H Americorps members, all students 1st-5th grades will have the opportunity to work on their stop-motion videos in the library for 3 sessions.

Materials: We were lucky to have a Donor’s Choose project funded which allowed us to purchase lots of Lego’s, bases, and figurines. We already had a couple of Hue cameras and we also purchased a couple more. I like how user-friendly the Hue software is and that the camera has a bendable neck allowing you to easily photograph scenes from various angles.

Session 1: Students plan out their characters, setting, and plot. When time allows, they use a storyboard to draw out the scenes but other times, they just jump right in. Students also typically get their setting built in the first session.

Session 2: Students begin photographing the scenes in their story. They work in pairs or small groups to manipulate the Lego figurines, taking pictures at each step.

Session 3: Students finish photographing their scenes. Then they edit their videos so that the pictures stream seamlessly.

Sharing: After finishing the videos, we add them to our library youtube channel so students can share their videos with friends and family. We also had a “video premier” during our school STEAM night, showing all finished videos on a loop. Students were so proud to see their videos on the big screen and to share them with the world! Here’s a short sample video: Fortnite Dance Battle

What’s next? I’m brainstorming more ways for students to share their final products. I’d love to see students get to share their videos as part of our school talent show or in other venues. I’d also like to challenge students to create stop-motion videos that summarize fairy tales or other books as a way to promote the books. I think it could be a great way to encourage reading as well as reinforcing students’ summarizing skills.

Thanks for reading! Contact me on Twitter at @PerezReads.

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