Celebrations & Aspirations – REFLECTIONS ON MARCH 2020 – APRIL 2021

image - celebrations and Aspirations

Cynthia A. Ayala​ is a Bilingual Teacher-Librarian at Gus Garcia Young Men’s Leadership Academy

phew! what just happened? 
a pandemic? 
a shuffle for e-resources, 
BLEND? – what’s that? 
summer decompress/planning
wait, what? f2f AND virtual…

OK! We. Got. This.
Right? Right!

So many lessons learned along the way.
So many questions, reflections, redesigning
aka the word of the year…
what’s that spell?

OK! We. Got. This.
Right? Right!

At Garcia YMLA, we cannot thank the TDT department enough and our wonderful TDC, Courtney, for providing a foundation that held us up!  There are so many celebrations and aspirations that we take with us into next year!   Here are a few…

-playlists that facilitated differentiation (shout out to Ms. Rosado’s math classes!)

-jamboards that facilitated student voice via real-time participation in all content areas

-jamboards as a platform for facilitating restorative circles (shout out to our restorative practice associate and all advisory teachers for making it happen!)

-campus-wide quick lessons during advisory for students to learn skills for navigating the student portal, blend, and student self service (shout out to me? yes, i put this together for advisory teachers to use at the beginning of the year)

-google cloud assignments were a game-changer for students turning in work (“click submit, that’s it”)

-the library course was a great go-to for troubleshooting support via video tutorials as well as tech Tuesday announcements for learning new skills and platforms
-improving the onboarding module for students new to the district (as a go-to for understanding how to find schedule, grades, and how to navigate the portal and blend)

-integrating more biliteracy strategies and sheltered instruction into blended learning

-creating more time for collaboration between content area teachers and tech support staff in order to use a variety of e-platforms to students for processing and producing products

-developing a calendar for discussing, dissecting and improving best practices that includes time for reflection and holding each other accountable for servicing the diverse needs and abilities of our students

-improving concurrent teaching by ensuring that those students remaining virtual feel as though they are truly part of the learning community

-more training for parents on the portal, blend and navigating what school looks like in our current reality 

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