Weekly Lessons Learned 10/22/21

Weekly Lessons Learned Update

Welcome to the Technology Design Team Weekly Lessons Learned! This is a recurring feature on Friday afternoons where the Technology Design Team will share top of mind resources and learning. Each week, we will post a few key things we hope you may find useful. We look forward to sharing our learning with you. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.

Some of the content may be specific to the realities of Austin ISD though, we hope, much will be useful to viewers worldwide. The Weekly Lessons Learned Archive contains a list of topics from and links to previous updates.

general information

Have you visited the new TDT web site?

Looking for answers? Needing technology-related training? Do you have a hard time finding some of the technology resources that may have been shared with you before?  

Announcing the new and improved Technology Design Team website! This new site will link Austin ISD Staff to resources for Blended and Personalized Learning, technology used in the classroom, professional learning and more!
Bookmark http://bit.ly/tdthome today! The site is limited to Austin ISD Google accounts.

Can a student resubmit a BLEND assignment? Can I decide from which submission to take the grade?

  • Depending on your assignment settings, students may have unlimited or limited assignment submission attempts. As teacher in a course, you can decide how to handle assignment resubmissions.
  • Teachers in a course have the option to set availability dates for each assignment. Availability dates can restrict the dates that an assignment can be submitted.
  • All assignment submissions can be viewed in SpeedGrader.
  • This guide demonstrates the process.

I can’t see my students’ grades in SpeedGrader! What happened?

This could be a couple things:

Students or sections were removed from “assign to” field

  • You never want to remove an assigned student or section from the “assign to” field in assignment settings if they have already submitted work. Doing so will remove their scores and submissions from SpeedGrader.
  • Luckily, you can get these students/sections back into SpeedGrader by simply re-adding them to the “assign to” field.
  • If you need to offer the assignment or quiz again for certain students, click the “+” to create a new assigned group, then add the students and update their new due date. Students may see the assignment or quiz twice in this case, but BLEND will let them submit the assignment up until the latest due date available to them.

Grade book view filter causing speed grader access issues

  • If you notice you are not able to see speed grader submissions for a given assignment, check the view filters in your grade book.
  • In your grade book, click “View” at the top left, then “Filters”. There are a number of options such as grading period, section (period), and assignment group. If you have a filter applied, BLEND will only show you submissions and scores for assignments in that group, even if you navigate away from the grade book. To correct this, simply change your filters back to allow you to see all assignments.

What does the red badge on the help menu mean?

The red badge on the help menu button indicates there unread release notes available.

If you would like to turn off the badge for release notes, scroll to the bottom of the help menu and toggle off the slider next to “Show badges for new release notes”.

What recent updates have come to BLEND?

  • Gradebook Assignment Search
    • The Gradebook includes two search fields: one for student names, and one for assignment names. Using the Assignment search field displays any search results that match an assignment in the course.
  • Sticky Navigation Menus
    • The Course and User Navigation Menus remain sticky and are always visible on their respective pages. When a long page is scrolled, the respective menu is retained in the sidebar. If the navigation menu is longer than the height of the screen, the menu can also be scrolled to view all menu links.
  • Course Notification Customization
    • Course notification preferences can be customized in the Notifications page.
  • SpeedGrader – Submission Status Label Edits
    • The SpeedGrader sidebar includes an Edit icon to be used for submission statuses. Statuses can be edited the same way as in the Gradebook. Additionally, adjusting a status in SpeedGrader also applies to the Gradebook.
  • Microsoft Immersive Reader
    • Microsoft Immersive Reader button is now supported in Assignments, the Course Home Page, and the Syllabus.

New PlayPosit feature – Activity Feed.

  • The Activity Feed will show teachers when a student has completed a bulb, student work needing to be graded or a new discussion post.  Clicking on the notification will take you right to the student work in the related BLEND course.

A Halloween activity using Google Draw or Slides.

  • Teachers can make a copy of this Halloween activity by changing the URL from “/edit” at the end, to “/copy” at the end.
  • Add your own words or change some and then share with students using the URL with /copy at the end. Each student makes a copy and gets creative. If music is too scary, delete it before giving students the /copy url.




Why is my student not showing up in Apple Classroom?

Technology Design Team Virtual Office Hours

The Technology Design Team is hosting virtual office hours to help provide real time instructional technology support in the first weeks of school. Virtual Office Hours with the Technology Design Team will happen on Monday-Friday from 10:30 am to 1:30pm.
Please check the Global Announcement in BLEND for the Zoom link.

If you have a technical support issue (device repair or setup, access to systems, etc), please create a ServiceNow ticket to have a technician address your concern.

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