Weekly Lessons Learned 5/19/23

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Welcome to the Technology Design Team Weekly Lessons Learned! This is a recurring feature on Friday afternoons where the Technology Design Team will share top of mind resources and learning. Each week, we will post a few key things we hope you may find useful. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.

Some of the content may be specific to the realities of Austin ISD though, we hope, much will be useful to viewers worldwide. The Weekly Lessons Learned Archive contains a list of topics from and links to previous updates.

With the end of the school year almost upon us, we are sharing end of year and end of career tips for staff and students.
More tips were shared in last week’s update.

How can students export their Minecraft: Education Edition world and share it with another student or import it on a personal device.
This video shows exactly how to export and import a world.
Want to see how one Austin ISD teacher uses Minecraft?
Check this out this blog post.

Where can I check the status of a system that Austin ISD uses? 

Below is a list of links to refer to when things start slowing down or aren’t loading. You can get a quick glance at the big picture to see if it’s a known issue or perhaps something more local/on your device. 

This page on AISD’s technology site consolidates statuses of many of the apps and websites we use.

I am leaving the district. Will I still be able to “Sign in with Google” using my austinisd.org email?

During your time in the district, you may have signed in to external services using your AISD Google Account.

When you leave the district, your Google account will become inactive. This will prevent you from logging in to those external services. You will need to check with each service or website to learn how to change how you log in. Unfortunately, AISD will not be able to support you with these login changes or provide you with a list of services you may have used with your AISD Google account.

How can I import BLEND (Canvas) content from another teacher? How can I share my BLEND (Canvas) content with another teacher?

There are 4 recommended ways that another teacher can share content with another teacher.

  • Share to Commons: Teachers can share their course, in part or whole, to Commons which is available to AISD staff. Any teacher can import that content into their course.
  • Create a PLC Course: Teachers can create a PLC course in which participant teachers can share and collaborate on content. All teachers should be added to this course as “Teachers.” This is a great way to collaborate and share content during the school year.
  • Export/Import any BLEND (Canvas) Course: Any teacher can export their course into a file that can be shared with any other Canvas user. The receiving teacher can then import this file to any course of their choosing.
  • Direct Share: Any teacher can directly share a page, discussion, quiz, or assignment with any other teacher in the district. The receiving teacher can view the resource and choose to import it into any course. This is ideal for a single page resource.

**Google files and other embedded content may not transfer over depending on the permissions or content set-up in the original course.

The Technology Design Team would love to hear from you!

Please reach out to your Technology Design Specialist if you would like a thought partner or support on your blended learning implementation.

View a list of the current members of the Technology Design Team and the campuses each supports.

If you have a technical support issue (device repair or setup, access to systems, etc), please create a ServiceNow ticket to have a technician address your concern.

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