Weekly Lessons Learned 3/12/21

Weekly Lessons Learned Update

Welcome to the Technology Design Team Weekly Lessons Learned! This will be a recurring feature on Friday afternoons where the Technology Design Team will share top of mind resources and learning. Each week, we will post a few key things we hope you may find useful. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.
Some of the content may be specific to the realities of Austin ISD though, we hope, much will be useful to viewers worldwide.

The Weekly Lessons Learned Archive contains a list of topics from and links to previous updates.

During the second week of April, all students K-12 will be able to use Minecraft: Education Edition on an AISD Chromebook.
Teachers can access it now on any device. Teachers will find a wealth of instructional resources as well as installation directions in the Minecraft: Education Edition Training and Resource course in BLEND, http://bit.ly/aisdminecraft .

Don’t know how to use the Minecraft app or why it might make an engaging lesson?
Learn not just how to move around, but how to use Minecraft as a teacher and the Minecraft: Education Edition Teacher Academy is a fantastic way to start.  https://education.microsoft.com/en-

The Adobe Spark for Education training and resources course has been updated to include new resources and the webinar from the Blended Learning Summit.
Enroll for directions on how to access Spark, instructional support and lesson examples and more!  Join today at http://bit.ly/aisdsparkpd

My students are getting an SSO Error when they try to join Zoom class.
If a teacher uses their personal room for classes (discouraged, but widely done), then they NEED to make sure they have authentication turned on in their personal room. Otherwise, a student trying to join from the browser on the Chromebook will get an error and not be able to join.
This video demonstrates changing the setting.

Zoom fun fact:
If you play a video while the live transcript is on, Zoom will transcribe the video for you (not perfect- but you will get a save-able transcript).
This video demonstrates the process to enable Live Transcriptions.

Will Technology Design Team Virtual Office Hours still happen?
The Technology Design Team will be joining the Austin ISD family in Spring Break. Virtual Office Hours with the Technology Design Team will return Monday, March 22nd. Virtual Office Hours with the Technology Design Team will happen on Monday-Thursday from 9:00-11:00 AM and 3:00-5:00 PM and on Friday from 3:00-5:00 PM. Please check the Global Announcement in BLEND for the Zoom link.

Why are the wrong student names appearing on post/assignments in Seesaw?

Students have the ability to tag their friends on work. This can make the post or assignment look like the wrong student turned in the work creating confusion.

Luckily, a teacher can easily check this by clicking the 3-dots at the bottom of the student post, tap edit people, tap the correct student and un-tag the wrong student. The post will move to the correct student’s journal.

Also, a teacher can remove the ability for students to do this all together in their Seesaw class if they choose. Within the class settings, click on Item Editing, then toggle off “Allow students to edit who is tagged in Post”.

This video demonstrates how to change the setting.
Seesaw – Allow Students to Edit Post but NOT Edit People

Several students can’t connect to Education on their iPads. What should I do?
The AD security update that was implemented this past weekend negatively impacted a service account that is used on iPads and this caused iPads to lose connectivity to Education WiFi. The problem with the Service Account has since been resolved, but some iPads still aren’t connecting as they should.

To remedy iPads that are not connecting we recommend the following actions:

  • Toggle WiFi switch (turning it off and then on again) or Restart the iPad. This works for most iPads that lost their connection.
  • Only if both options in Step 1 fail, do this: Reset – Erase All as shown in attached instructions. Note: Reset – Erase All will delete all files that are saved on the iPad – student projects, pictures, essays, etc.

If none of the above works, then Chris Lastovica should be contacted for further assistance. From there Chris will determine if it should be assigned to a Field Tech or not.

How to Reset an iPad

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